• Ex gf wished me happy birthday reddit

    Ex gf wished me happy birthday reddit

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    Should I wish my ex happy birthday?

    Im actually quite surprised he remembered. We only dated 5 months. We havent spoken since our breakup in mid april. I got a text that said happy bday but I didnt know who it was because I deleted his number. I replied with thank you but who is this?

    ex gf wished me happy birthday reddit

    He wouldn't say who he was and replied with best wishes to you and a kissy face emoticon. That was it haha. I just realized it was him. It was also weird to me because he did it at 12am in the morning as soon as it turned my birthday I guess I just wanted an outside opinion. Ignore, move on. Doesn't mean anything. If he wants you back, he'd front up and say it instead of playing stupid baby games like this.

    He was so immature while we were dating so youre right. I dont want to be back with him. I was just wondering what he was trying to do. Nothing at all Some people just love wishing happy birthday, gives them some sort of internal gratification.He stopped calling and texting me.

    He just completely neglected me. The more I tried to reach out and talk with him about it the more distant he became. So I broke it off. I honestly don't think he wanted to break up. He may have been going through something but He wouldn't let me in.

    To make a long story short he tried to reach out to me a week after the break up. I told him it's best we cut contact for a while and reconnect later.

    That I had a lot on my plate and thst right now the relationship was putting even more stress on me.

    ex gf wished me happy birthday reddit

    I was really going through and he had no idea. He was busy concerned with his own thing. Despite my problems I tried to be there for him. He didn't do the same for me though. He was very hurt and angry. He said some very mean things to me and told me that he could care less if he ever heard from me again. That if he saw me in public he'd walk straight past me. That there was no more discussing it that we are done. I just am not sure how to take this.

    A couple weeks before he said he didn't want anything to do with me. If your answer is yes then you are still wanting him back.

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    If that's the case then perhaps you need to re-read your list???? I'm trying to get other aspects of my life back on track which is what I was trying to express to my ex two weeks ago when I told him we shouldn't talk for a while. He just got a new apartment the job he was supposed to get hired at fell through. He may have been stressed out. I don't know. I still care very much for him but from a very logical and reasonable stand point we both need to focus on other things not related to a relationship right now.

    Your list was pretty extensive. If that's the way he reacts when under stress, that alone should be enough to make more determine to run for the hill because that wouldn't be the last time he got stressed out in life. I agree that's why I'm giving myself time to think about if I actually want to reply to his text. Believe me when I say this I am strong enough to make the right decision. I know right now my emotions are still very strong because of the very recent break up.

    Because of that I know it wouldn't be a good idea to react or respond to any of what he does so hastily.Many of you reading this article have celebrated birthdays together in previous years. Regardless of how the previous birthday s have been spent with your ex, you already know that this year will be different.

    There are actually thousands of people wondering this exact same thing at this very moment, so take a second to recognize that; it is humbling to remember. Before I dive in, I want to mention that a lot of people are readers. If you feel like you are personally struggling with whether or not to reach out to your ex on their birthday, then I invite you to leave a comment beneath this article, or reach out to us directly to schedule a coaching session.

    Together, we can assess your situationand determine what makes sense in terms of whether wishing you ex a happy birthday is the right move for you to make. For many relationships, wishing an ex a happy birthday after being broken up can really show a lot of maturity. I can reflects very positively on your personal development.

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    It can enable you to remain friends or at least on good terms without worrying about the past. Another great reason why wishing an ex a happy birthday can be a great idea is if you may have kids together. If you share children, wishing your ex a happy birthday can serve more people than just you and your ex, but also your little ones. It will allow for the family to be united without animosity of can preserve a general sense of cordiality between everyone involved.

    This day is very important for them and their understanding of relationships, too. We as parents must set the standard and serve as role models for our children — and showcase the appropriate ways to treat those around us.

    If you have kids and decide to wish your ex a happy birthday, it can also cover to celebrating it with them and the kids. I remember two years ago, I was coaching a woman that had decided to cut contact with her ex for weeks.

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    Her main concern was knowing when to stop radio silence. Then one day she asked me a question that changed everything. In any case, if the day is coming up you can of course wish them happy birthday just be mindful of this they may mean for them and how to may take your outreach! Use this day to improve the situation; and to show your ex that you are still thinking of them.

    Not reaching out will not go unnoticed; and can prompt your ex to come to you in hopes of an explanation.

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    Certain situations can also justify remaining silent while your ex is celebrating their birthday. For example, when your separation was a result of a serious problem between you.So my birthday was a couple of weeks ago. She never contacted me for anything. Her birthday is a week away. Should I call and wish her a happy birthday? Seems to me she has cut all ties with me.

    And for that it's sad. But deep inside I still have feelings for her. It has been a hard two months of turmoil. I have been trying to move on with my life but things don't seem to be perfect for me. I know I am better and bigger person so I want to do this.

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    I don't care if I come out looking foolish but I want to know from you guys what you think. I am still not difinite on going through with it.

    Etiquette For Exes: How To Handle The 'Happy Birthday' Text

    Thanks for your input. I would not contact her. I just went through the same type experience. After 3 years, the relationship ended. Her birthday was 2 weeks after it ended and I sent a card to let her know I didn't forget. She replied that it was so nice of me to remember how could I not Anyway, her contact with me was still of the accusatory, insecure type, and I just had to deal with the fact that it was over. It was one of the hardest things to do Thinking of her and picking up the phone to call If you continue to try and "get" her back without an acutal serious conversation face to face, this only show insecurities and neediness on your part.

    Sometimes staying away and collecting your thoughts is better than acting lost or emotionally dead to the other person. I don't have all the facts about your situation so it is hard to really give sound opinions Great attitude, Chipper! I hear ya. If she cant look past the fact that my feelings are still true then she doesnt deserve me. The stupid neither forgive nor forget; the naive forgive and forget; the wise forgive but do not forget.

    Don't do it!Birthday wishes for your ex-girlfriend: Wishing an ex on her birthday is likely to ruffle a lot of feathers. It might make her think that you miss her a lot. Yes, it can send mix signals, but if worded the right way, a sweet message can actually build bridges and pave the way for a platonic friendship.

    Depending on your situation, take ideas from this post to write a cute handwritten note or a funny quote on a greeting card for your ex. If you genuinely want to build a lasting friendship with your ex, her birthday is a great opportunity to do so. Just be sure about what you are doing because wrong interpretations can worsen the pain of your heartbreak.

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    Happy birthday. I wish you well, happy birthday. Happy birthday! But after moving on I have realized that the memories we share make our relationship an experience I am lucky to have had. Happy birthday girl. Maybe, maybe not. Do I think we still have a chance? No, maybe some things are just not meant to be. But does that stop us from being friends? Definitely not. I have moved on, you have moved on, life moves on… just the memories remain.

    Because I still remember the day you said yes when I asked you out. It will be one of the most priceless memories, without a doubt. We have broken up since then, but I will still not stop wishing well for you. Happy birthday to my ex.Me and my ex broke up about two weeks ago.

    She was the one who dumped me. After 10 days of the break up was my birthday. We hadn't talked since the break up, I've been trying to move on. Late at night, she texted me saying "Happy birthday :. I hope I am the last one to wish. And i didn't say anything. What is up with her?

    I mean I get the happy birthday message, but the second sentence has been confusing me.

    Friendly PSA: Do Not Text Your Ex "Happy Birthday"

    Maybe not a big deal, but still. Does it mean she misses me? Or just a plain whatever the sentence says? We again haven't talked since. Also, I don't know what I should do. Continue not contacting her, or start to initiate contact. Coz i do want her back I literally just wrote a response to a guy having the same issues. Should you stay in contact with your ex? Yes, or no. Not that you will be dramatic, it can be her, or it can be a combination of family and friends that stir up some gossip and word gets back to you about something shady.

    Relationship…they are so damn difficult. Text messaging is one of those informal ways of contacting each and it causes major confusion. Maybe she really just meant to say Happy Birthday and wanted to make you feel special.

    Or, maybe she wants to be friends. Again, I think the ball is in your court. Do YOU want her in your life?But your birthday or any other holiday, for that matter is coming up, and you are already anticipating the return. Whether it's a text or email, it's best to respond short and abrupt, if you even choose to engage at all.

    As a firm believer in "The No Contact Rule" when it comes to break-up behavior, the book references this tactic :. I think if we stop analyzing the whys and just keep moving forward, we will maintain control and avoid the temptation of pain revisited. It could have been my relaxed attitude toward confidently entering the last year of my 20s, but then it happened. The next phase of emotions included calming myself down and laughing at my own idiocy for going right back to that place.

    By Jessica Schirripa. Allow me to paint the picture. Remember that you are just starting to appreciate yourself again. Really, is a card or a message going to make this person change or regret missing you, race back into your life and sweep you off your feet? What is a guy or gal to do? My most recent birthday was time for yet another epiphany. Something was in the air. He got to me.

    ex gf wished me happy birthday reddit

    We always give our exes more credit and power than they deserve. Do they want to bury the hatchet? Is it because we have so much history? If I reply positively, will they no longer feel the guilt? Is this closure? Stop asking questions. But remember that birthdays only last for one day.

    Birthday Wishes for Ex-Girlfriend: Quotes and Messages

    The effects of misplaced expectations and unhealthy habits last far longer. Continue to invest your energy into a positive attitude that will help you to move forward.

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