• Southwest special livery list

    Southwest special livery list

    In the current age of aviation, it's hard for airlines to stand out as most aircraft look the same to the average traveler. Long gone are the days when colorful aircraft roamed the skies as airlines have largely adopted paint jobs with little creativity centered around predominantly white fuselages.

    The style is referred to as "Eurowhite" since the trend began with European airlines and largely dominates the continent today. Most recently, Europe's Lufthansa and Aer Lingus are in the midst of brand refurbishments that have taken away the colors on their aircraft that the airlines are known for.

    The costs associated with a rebranding mean that an airline can go with the same identity for decades without making a change, though they can take one airplane and give it an entirely new look that makes it stand out among the competition.

    Special liveries have been used by airlines for a variety of reasons including airline allegiances, brand partnerships, national pride, and paying tribute to an airline's heritage. The often intricate paint jobs give travelers a reprieve from the monotony of air travel while acting as a flying billboard for those on the ground below. Take a look at the usage of special liveries by today's airlines that give more color to the skies.

    Source: British Airways. Account icon An icon in the shape of a person's head and shoulders. It often indicates a user profile. Login Subscribe. My Account. World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options. Thomas Pallini. Airlines paint select aircraft in special paint jobs, known as liveries, which are themed and often promote a partnership, honor a past, or express an airline's values.

    The decorative paints break up the monotony of modern-day "Eurowhite" paint jobs that lack in color and creativity.

    10 Craziest Airline Liveries

    Common themes for special liveries include retro paint jobs, sports partnerships, employee appreciation, and national or hometown pride.

    Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. A recent trend in special liveries has been airlines using them to publically thank their employees, as seen with this Virgin Atlantic Airways' Airbus A, And a Delta Air Lines Airbus A featuring the names of every employee, both token of their respective airline's appreciation for their workers.

    Sports is also a larger focus for some airline when creating special liveries with this Lufthansa Boeing i celebrating Germany's World Cup championship And Japan Airlines promoting the Tokyo Olympics. JetBlue Airways is one of the leaders in sports-themed special livery thanks to its association with teams in New York and Boston including the New York Jets And Boston Red Sox. Southwest Airlines similarly uses special liveries to pay tribute to the states where it has a large presence or bases, including Florida And Arizona, among others.

    American Airlines, on the other hand, uses most of its special liveries to pay tribute to the precursor airlines that eventually formed the present-day American, a trend started with US Airways. Some heritage liveries include Piedmont Airlines Trans World Airlines Air Cal PSA Airlines And Reno Air. The colorful paint jobs honor American's heritage while giving travelers a glimpse back into aviation's history.

    The liveries aren't always profound but can still convey the same meaning, including liveries promoting breast cancer awareness, found on this Delta Air Lines Boeing ER And former American Airlines Boeing Some carriers do so through their frequent flyer program perks, their inflight entertainment offerings, and even their food and beverage selections.

    But since the mid s, Dallas-based low cost carrier Southwest Airlines has used its fleet of uniquely painted Boeing s to draw attention from customers and aviation enthusiasts alike. Credits: Paul Thompson.

    Southwest Airlines fleet

    The company introduced the plane with great fanfare, which included a tour of 27 cities including New York, which Southwest did not serve at the time.

    At one brief point in the mid s, Southwest had five Shamu aircraft. Late inSouthwest announced that it was severing ties with Sea World and would be retiring the Shamu livery. The two remaining Shamu planes were repainted this January, in Spokane, Washington. This marked the first time Southwest had withdrawn service to a city, never to return.

    Arizona One NSW. Southwest later added SFO, in Upon reception from Boeing, the plane was originally a polished bare metal, with white lines marking where the traditional paint scheme would be placed.

    Triple Crown One is a specialdedicated to Southwest Employees and their achievement of the so-called Triple Crown Award for five straight years. The Triple Crown Award criteria consist of best on-time performance, best baggage handling, and fewest customer complaints on an annual basis. While not an official Department of Transportation award, Southwest did in fact earn the statistics for it.

    On the same date, Southwest also announced the creation of a reservations line specifically for Spanish-speaking customers. However, with the complete repeal of the Wright Amendment in OctoberSouthwest has reduced its service in Albuquerque. Maryland One performs a fly-by at Dallas Love Field.

    southwest special livery list

    They even autographed the exterior of the fuselage. Inthe NBA and Southwest were unable to reach an agreement that would continue the marketing partnership, so Southwest had to cut ties and opted to repaint the plane into its regular Spirit livery. The plane featured a giant image of Israeli supermodel Bar Rafaeli in a bikini, in the form of a vinyl decal, wrapped down the length of the fuselage.Feb Posted by jkiszka.

    One of the really cool things of Southwest Airlines are how we do our unique plane liveries i. As I looked for these planes while I was waiting for flights, I wondered—how could I predict where the planes were?

    The 10 Most Colorful Airplanes on the Planet

    Were there any heading my way while waiting for a flight? Well, one weekend, I solved that problem. You can see where they are today! If no history shows up, that bird may no longer be in the air for us…. Bookmark the permalink. Thanks so much for posting this. Sure thing! Your email address will not be published.

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    Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Proudly powered by WordPress. Theme: Mystique by digitalnature. Skip to navigation Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to secondary sidebar Skip to footer Dine at Joe's Guaranteed to make you hungry. Southwest Airlines Special Liveries and where they are right now! If no history shows up, that bird may no longer be in the air for us… Special thanks to FlightRadar He went to Purdue where he studied Engineering.

    Soon after, he moved to Dallas, TX and worked as a field salesperson for a few different manufacturing companies. Inhe left the world of manufacturing to work at Southwest Airlines. In his free time, Joe enjoys listening to music, 3D modeling, playing with Arduino boards and Raspberry Pis, playing board games, being an amateur mixologist, watching sports, and of course eating too much food. Please note that opinions expressed on this blog are those of Joe, and not of Southwest Airlines.

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    Leave a Comment Comments 2. Aidan S. January 9, at pm. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.As just recently we have discussed the most beautiful regular aircraft liveriesthis time we are taking it up a notch.

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    We are going to reveal what we think are the most beautiful special aircraft liveries that airlines have used ever since the beginning of aviation. Airlines paint an aircraft in a special livery to commemorate their birthdays or mark an important date in their history. To celebrate national holidays or to raise awareness towards a cause. Whatever the case might be, a special livery leaves us starstruck when we get a chance to see one in an airport.

    Because an opportunity to see a special livery might present itself only once, as these liveries are rare! Nevertheless, here are the top 10 aircraft that airlines have decorated with a special livery!

    Yes, the aircraft manufacturer! To introduce its new EE2 regional jet, the company has decided to advertise the aircraft in a very unique way. The idea is that is so effective, that it hunts down profits like a shark. The jet went on a tour in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas, catching looks everywhere it goes. The Brazilian manufacturer set out a goal to increase the awareness of the new jet.

    Needless to say, the plan has worked. The Shark turned heads round everywhere it went. Embraer used the livery to advertise their jets and no airline uses it commercially. Nevertheless, the special livery is definitely one of the most interesting marketing solutions. The Jumbo Jet carried the hopes of South Africa to new heights.

    South African Airways called it the Ndziani — flying to new heights. Decorated in the colors of the flag of South Africa, you can also see the silhouettes of people. Suffice to say, the Boeing definitely did help! Unfortunately, South African Airways retired the in The airline scrapped the jet for parts and metal in So, another special aircraft that none of us would be able to fly or see anymore.

    That fact makes us sad, as the plane looks absolutely stunning in this livery! South African Airways Ndizani Boeing 8.Please upload to the right category. If you can't find the right category upload to "Other". Uploading files requires permissions. For instructions how to upload and who is allowed to upload what - check out the upload rules.

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    Updated December 3, Submitted November 17, By Shiway. Updated October 29, Submitted August 19, By Georgianpilot Submitted July 12, By KJO.Posted by Bruce Drum on September 17, in Uncategorized.

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    southwest special livery list

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    Southwest Airlines - Fleet - Special Liveries

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    southwest special livery list

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